Waste reform
Circular economy in practice

Waste Reform Sweden AB has developed a unique technological solution for waste treatment. We provide innovative revolutionizing recycling in terms of output energy content. A flexible system made to handle all kinds of organic waste emission free.

The International waste problem is well known and a continuously growing issue. It is well documented and described by worldwide environmental organisations, such as UN, as well as numerous national authorities described in verified reports. Waste Reform provide turnkey solutions including project execution and operational expertise for waste management solutions and environmental projects.

The PROWST® Process
All organic environmentally challenging an non-challenging materials treated in a continuous process.

Traditional pyrolysis systems have been unable to achieve robust operational solutions that overcome issues such as fouling, over cracking of fuel, under cracking of fuel, low calorific value gas, air elimination and component life (particularly the retort). Our design, PROWST, overcome these obstacles and can achieve in excess of 80% combined heat and power efficiencies, virtually zero waste, high calorific value gas yields and abundant high grade heat. All below mentioned materials  and more are suitable for treatment with the PROWST  technology. The processed feed stock results in valuable products: Carbon black, metals (including valuable heavy metals), oil and gas (hot).

Refers to the residual, semi-solid material left over from industrial waste water, or sewage treatment processes.
The manure that cannot be used as fertilizer, must be taken care of in a proper way. Currently manure is being stockpiled without any possibility to process it.
Today, more and more items that were previously manufactured using aluminium, steel and other metals, are now produced in plastic, including an even higher percentage of automobiles.
Scrap tyres are about to become the latest headache for many governments globally. A European directive bans landfills of whole- and shredded tyres. New ways will have to be found to dispose of the 13 million tyres that are stockpiled or put in landfills every year in Europe.
Pyrolysis & Process
We develop & deliver
The idea of using thermolysis to free the various compounds and materials by high temperature is not new, and various attempts have been made to accomplish this. However, these attempts up to now have not been particularly successful, due to;

  1. The difficulties of providing the exact high temperature to dissociate the molecules of for example heavy metals
  2. Finding construction materials to be used in the processor which will withstand such high temperatures over time
  3. The requirement of providing a zero-oxygen atmosphere for process to take place with a continuous feed.
  4. The technology to accomplish the above results in an effective and profitable treatment of the waste problems as described above and many more.

Waste Reform has solved all the above problems when developing the PROWST process.

The BioOil produced in the PROWST process is similar to light crude oil in quality (Ultra-Low-Sulphur Marine Gas Oil), however refined, and can be used in heavy industrial engines or power plants.

The Gas produced by PROWST process is either a very fine methane gas, Biogas, or an industrial syn gas, depending on the input material to the process. If a higher quality is desired, it is possible to enhance the gas in refineries, as it will give a higher energy output.

The enhanced syn gas can best be used to feed gas-aspirated engine power generators and the excess heat from the process, oil distillation, gas-aspirated engines can be used to feed steampower generators. The excess steam/heat from steam turbines can feed organic Rankine cycle engine power generators. All this provides a lot of electricity

The content of the Carbon produced in the PROWST process is also depending on the input. Carbon black is one product that you find in the carbon that can be separated.

The ash from the PROWST® process contain metals and phosphorus which can be separated.

output %


Carbon Black
Who are our customers
Industry 20%
municipalities 35%
Agricultural Business 15%
Waste processing plants 30%
Is PROWST the solution for you?

Economical power generation technology with highly diverse fuel functionality, adaptable for a number of industry sectors and energy consumers.

Energy consumption industries can now achieve significant financial savings by installing a PROWST to produce high-energy yields from waste and biomass material. Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Operators Waste operators who process MSW, commercial and industrial waste, tyres and plastics face more stringent regulations to reduce waste disposal to landfill. Agriculture and biomass industries that produce waste such as wood, livestock litter, food processing waste, sewage, and organic residues from crops present an excellent source of renewable energy for pure pyrolysis treatment. The storage, management and treatment of clinical or hazardous waste can be difficult and very expensive for pharmaceutical and healthcare industries to achieve. Local authorities are now considering alternative methods of reducing landfills to comply with existing and impending EU Directives. Combined Heat & Power Plants operating on natural gas, fuel oil or coal can be converted to operate on the syngas or fuel oil from our PROWST.

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